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LVRC National Championship 2014

On Sunday I rode the LVRC National Road Race Championships down in Worcestershire.


The National LVRC Road Race Championship attracted a field of 40 of the top vets in the country for my age group. I knew it was going to be a tough race for me with 4 laps of a 13 mile circuit with 225 metres of climbing on each lap. It was made even tougher as the event was run in terrible weather conditions, catching the tail end of hurricane Bertha so we had torrential rain and strong winds.


Trouble was not long in coming with a crash in the first couple of miles bringing down 3 riders. Only cuts and bruises nothing broken. The first lap was ridden at a steady pace whilst we sussed out the hazards on the course. Things livened up after that with attacks being made on the 3 climbs not by me though as all I was doing was attempting to stay in touch with the top riders. The number of riders was gradually whittled down to a small group of around 10.  The race winning move came on the steepest climb when multiple winner and ex-Peace Race and Milk Race rider Alan Kemp (Weaver Valley CC) broke away with defending National Champion Andy Hicks (South Western RC/ Evans Cycles) leaving a group of 6 of us chasing, but with only 2 of us willing or able to chase the duo once we had breasted the climb, they steadily drew away. The rest of us were now riding for third place. I was not confident of winning the sprint as it was on the top of a stiff climb so made a couple of solo attacks but was brought back each time. The inevitable sprint loomed and I went for a long one on the big ring on the small descent before the climb, but tied up a little and Brian Gore (Middleton CC) came by me and I just held off Willie Macmillan (Glasgow United CC) and Roger Mcglynn (London Dynamo).


So I finished up one place from a medal just as I had in the National Criterium Championships in York (which I was upset about because I had been taken out by some dangerous riding on the last corner in that race). 4th isn't a nice place to finish but I was beaten this time by 3 stronger riders so no complaints although I think everyone who rode deserved a medal as the weather was so horrendous.

Richard Boothe