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posted 6 Mar 2014, 11:38 by Richard Nichol   [ updated 7 Mar 2014, 07:22 ]
Richard Booth - former LVRC National RR Champion, Percy Stallard National Series and TLI National Champion.

Richard has joined Hartlepool CC and intends to ride more Time Trials this year.  Gonna be a fight on to be 3rd counter in Veterans TTT.

Palmares from returning to racing in 2006 with the LVRC

2006 1st A1 Classic RR; 1st Otley RR; 1stTour of the Wolds

2007 1st Leeds Mercury RR; 1st Halifax Imps RR; 1st Nottingham RR : 1st East Coast RR; 12th World Masters RR
2008 1st Barton Whs  AP RR; 1st Staffordshire Oatcake RR; 1st Leeds Mercury RR; 1st Halifax Imps RR; 1st A! Classic RR; 1st Stage 3 Tour of The Abberleys; 2nd Gen Class;1st Tom Simpson Mem RR; 1st Vic Sutton Mem RR; 1st Fleche Waltone RR; 1st Bush Health RR; 4th LVRC National RR (winner Les West); 3rd BC National Masters RR (winner Sid Barras); 7th European Masters RR; 1st Percy Stallard  National RR Series

2009 1st Tour of the Wolds; 1st Inkberrow RR; 1st Ferryhill RR; 2nd Percy Stallard National RR Series

2011 1st Derek Smith Mem RR; 1st Ciclos uno RR; 1st Ray Minovi Mem RR; 1st Dave Jones/ Ged Belshaw Mem RR; 1st Alford RR; 1st TLI National Criterium Championships; 1st LVRC National RR Championships; 1st Percy Stallard National RR Series;15th World Cup RR; 13th World Masters TimeTrial Championships;15th World Masters RR.

2012 1st Derek Smith Mem RR; 1st Swinerton RR