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Hartlepool Cycling Club

Hartlepool Cycling Club - 23rd June 1883

The Hartlepool people and their visitors turned out in full force on Tuesday evening on the Moor, to inhale ozone from the sea, listen to the strains of music, witness the gyrations of cyclists – in a word, “to see and to be seen”.   There could not have been less than between four and five thousand people present.   All classes of the community were well represented; the worthy mayor and other local magnates being present in propria persona.   The Recreation Band gave a capital selection of music and several couples, fond of dancing, “tripped it merrily on the green”.  

Of cyclists there were about thirty, and it was more by good luck than management that there were no more accidents than really took place.   Several “croppers”, not serious, though the recipient of one got a shaking he could have well dispensed with, were the result of recklessly rapid riding, prompted by “showing off “, which had evidently a double meaning.   But the affair is new and some allowance must be made for enthusiasm attendant on first success.   This will no doubt be corrected in future.  

This meeting of the cyclists will be repeated every Tuesday (weather permitting) for the summer season.   Several bicyclists from West Hartlepool took part.   The grey uniforms, with black braid and silver badges, of the Hartlepool Club look very neat, and are in good keeping with the handsome machines ridden by the members.