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Bicycle Sports at West Hartlepool

Bicycle Sport at West Hartlepool - 30th May 1885

A series of sports promoted by Messrs. Baker and Hart, took place on Saturday last on the Hart Road bicycle course.   The weather was everything that could be desired, and there was a fair attendance.   The first race (100 yards foot handicap) was won by A. Muckels, who was a yard ahead of his opponents.   The second prize was won by J. Richardson, and the third by R. Robb.   The first prize was £4.

THREE MILES BICYCLE RACE, for five guinea cup, to be won three times – 1st, J. Hall, West Hartlepool;  2nd G. Hunter, West Hartlepool.

TEN MILES BICYCLE RATE, for £8 (professional) – 1st £5, E. Miller, Newcastle;  100 yards;  2nd £2 D. Dodds, Wallsend, 280 yards;  3rd, £1 J. Wharton, Darlington, 700 yards;  4th, G. Wharton, Darlington, 600 yards.   Dodds made the running for about half the distance, when Miller took it up and won an exciting race by two yards:  a bad third.   G. Wharton retired owing to mishap to pedal.